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Innovative New Products and Quality Manufacturing are Part of the Olson Tradition

Innovative new products have been an important part of the growth history of Olson Irrigation Systems. Founded in 1976 by Donald O. Olson and Kathleen Baldwin, the company consistently provides problem-solving innovations for both agricultural and landscape irrigation applications. A complete line of drip and micro-spray products include Vibra-Clean® Emitters, EH-12® Heads, Ultra-Jets®, O-Jets® and mini-sprinklers. Specialty fittings include E-Z Ell® flexible swing joints and TSR-1 expanding sprinkler risers.

The company places great emphasis on new product development, product improvement, and quality. Relatively small in size, Olson designs and develops innovative irrigation devices, and has the ability to develop and build the equipment necessary to manufacture those products. This allows the company to turn ideas into products in a relatively short period of time.

The WATERWELL® line is a recent innovation in response to customers frustrated by the tangle of fittings, wire and glue inherent in irrigation control valve installations. The WATERWELL® valve line features the MVA® (Multi-Valve Assembly) which combines all parts into one streamlined easy-to-install, factory-tested multiple-valve unit.

A History of Innovative Thinking

Donald Olson's extensive background in plastics manufacturing and mechanical design brought him into the irrigation industry as a consultant in 1966. His earliest drip irrigation emitter designs became the nucleus of a new firm, DRIP-EZE Company. Incorporated and taken public in 1972 as Controlled Water Emission Systems, the company pioneered drip irrigation technology with Olson's DRIP-EZE emitters and fittings.

Controlled Water Emission Systems was acquired by Reed Building Products of Australia in 1973, and Olson became the company's president. He left Reed in 1976 to start Olson Irrigation Systems.

Olson is an innovator and holds many irrigation patents, including some of the earliest drip irrigation patents issued in the United States. Just a few of his patents cover: DRIP-EZE emitters, the Olson turbulent-flow emitters, O-Jets®, Hydro-Jets®, Ultra-Jets®, and EH-12® multiple outlet emitter heads.

Olson Irrigation Systems
Precision molding is an important part of quality products. Olson's molding facilities and in-house mold design and fabrication capabilities assure high-quality molds to produce top quality products. Precision molding apparatus
Tooling equipment
Precise test stations provide quality control

Automation and stringent quality control are a critical part of the production of reliable components. At left, solenoids are epoxy sealed, cured under controlled conditions, and carefully tested on modern precise test stations.

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